So how di I update?

  • This may be a stupiq question, but I am not sure what to do first in the download manager.
    In what order do I need to do what with which options?
    I want the upgrade and the new content

  • First you have to download all the files. One by one or all together (button at bottom right).
    I got an error message on "nude figures" mentioning "too many errors". Still have to see how that works out.

    Then you install those files,, starting with the program.

    At the moment I am installing Poser itself and it takes ages, as in "the end is NOT near". I think more than 8 hours by now. The progression bar is full but it still keeps installing things.

  • Ok, so I did it wrong. I installed the Updater first, it also had the higher serial number,
    and I wanted to keep my preferences etc.
    The other items now say I have to install "Poser 11". Slightly confusing since I already have 11.1 now.
    I hope I can install the lower version number over the higher version number.

  • I downloaded the full program, first one listed, the tried to download the nude figures. Only these two files had the 11.1 number, the others were 11.0.6. The nude figures failed twice as full 1.82 GB downloads, very frustrating. I then downloaded the "updater" for poser 11 and only installed the updater version. I chose to keep my preference. Nothing changed in my set up only the version number and small poser logo now stating 11.1.
    My download manager said "download complete. Install Poser 11 for windows to continue". I then went to the folder where I downloaded the files and ran the .exe (application) file and all the content was there. I created a new folder for the 11.1 files. All works well except the morphs for Pauline 2 African. See other post.

  • The Poser 11.1 Upgrade is free to Poser 11/Poser Pro 11 users.
    Launch Download Manager and download the Application installer, Support Files and the Nude Figures installer. Run the full application installer from Download Manager and do not uninstall the current installation reusing your Preferences. Then run the Support Files and Nude Figure installer.
    Launch Poser and enjoy!