Crashing when hiding universe

  • At first, I thought it was my big scene caused the crash. But I tried it with a new scene. When I click on the eye next to the universe listing in the hierarchy menu, poser crashes. Does this happen to anyone else? It's only started since the 11.1 update.

  • @redphantom I'm still on No crashing when I toggle the universe but I do notice that other things that I have made invisible get toggled back on so maybe there is something else crashing you out.

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    @redphantom Yep, crashed for me too with just one figure in the scene.

    I'll do some more tests and then report it to mantis.

  • @redphantom no crash yet on Poser Pro under macOS, but Poser certainly disappears into a spinning beach-ball cursor when the Universe actor is hidden in the hierarchy editor palette. No figures in the scene, but over 30 props. I noticed that all the props visible within the hierarchy window had their visibility icons turned off during the Universe visibility toggle.

    A couple of minutes since the toggle and I'd definitely say Poser has hung and is completely unresponsive, if not actually crashed.

    "Danger, Will Robinson" [wave arms sinuously]

  • I just tried it on a new scene - my default start-up scene with just a floor and envsphere - and Poser crashed when I clicked on the Universe Eye (sounds like a bad sci-fi concept!) I experienced the same behaviour yesterday, but I was building a new scene with lots of polygons at the time and assumed I'd broken something.

    This seems to be reproducible. I think I'll hold off updating my main system for now!

  • @englishbob "When Pure Maths meets Applied Physics" or "God divides by zero!" ;-)

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    Deleting Universe crashed PoserPro11.1 here too.
    Can be expected when deleting the "Universe".
    How come "we" survived? => Fourth dimension? LOL.

  • @vilters said in Crashing when hiding universe:

    Deleting Universe crashed PoserPro11.1 here too.
    Can be expected when deleting the "Universe".
    How come "we" survived? => Fourth dimension? LOL.

    We aren't deleting the universe, just making it invisible.

    Nope, still sounds like a bad sci-fi concept. :)

  • Ok, so it's not just me. Time to report it. Thanks all.

  • Worse, I found that P11.1 easily crashes when deleting ANY not-empty prop with children.

  • Correction: only when deleting via script. Deleting via Poser menus comes clean.

  • @phdubrov script as in Scene Fixer? I use Scene Fixer all the time for deleting stuff.

  • No, SceneToy.
    Affects only props (not figures) with parented props in case of multi-deletion.

  • I'm actually seeing a worse problem now. Loading the default Andy2 scene in Poser Pro on macOS Sierra 10.12.6 whenever I even select the Universe actor in the hierarchy editor, whether by clicking on it directly or using the arrow keys to scroll through the actor selections, as soon as it gets to the Universe actor, BOOM Crash oP(os)era!
    0_1515331236977_Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 12.16.42 am.png

    Even using python thus:

    scene = poser.Scene()
    univ = scene.Actor('UNIVERSE')

    Crashes Poser.

  • @anomalaus
    Another one to check. The Delete Lights script in Utilities has crashed Poser several times for me.

  • Both issues, here.

    • Even just selecting universe in GUI or script causes crash.

    • Deleting a light caused a crash. For this one, I had to edit the CR2 by hand and remove the offending light. Added it back in through the GUI so at least I saved my work.

    • Being in the morph tool when Auto-save happened caused lockup or crash.

    If I had to guess... somewhere (maybe lots of somewheres) Poser is coming up with a null, internally, when it's expecting something. And possibly not robust enough code to check for null before trying an operation on the expected something. fail... safe...

    A few of the crashes have resulted in corrupt files. Thank heavens I manage my projects with git. "revert" is my friend.

  • @Deecey Yeah, I just got the Delete lights script crash.