Different Poser 11 queue manager issue?

  • I see that there are quite a few content/queue installer issues but mine seems a little different so maybe someone here has an answer.
    I downloaded the queue manager and installed Poser Pro 11 using it. I then downloaded animal content and installed it. I then shut down my computer and went to bed. Tonight I opened the queue to continue installing content and started with Toons. After it downloaded it said it was waiting for me to install Poser Pro 11. I checked and it's on my system so I downloaded and installed the update thinking that would fix it.

    Wondering why it wants me to redownload (at over 900MB) Poser Pro 11 when it's already on my system.

  • Queue Manager is included in the Poser Pro 11 installer (Poser 11 includes it as well, but no Key to activate and the function is disabled that can make use of it in Poser 11)

    The Network Node installer is for other systems that do not have Poser installed to allow you to use those when Rendering to the Queue.

    The Network Node installer is not needed on the Host System where Poser Pro 11 is installed.

  • Did you mean Queue Manager, or did you mean the SmithMicro Downloader? Because Queue Manager does not download and install Poser. It's the network rendering software for Poser.

    I believe you meant the SmithMicro Downloader. Once Poser and Animals were installed, did you launch Poser and register/license it? If you did not, then the downloader does not register that the software has been installed - that is if you close and re-open the downloader.

    This should not happen if you install everything in one go, close the downloader, then open Poser and license it.

  • Yes, I did mean the downloader, sorry for the confusion.

    No, I did not open and register Poser and animals after installing it. I closed it down and went to bed because it was late.

    Poser is registered now and shows my license number and my only option under Help is to deactivate my license so that means that it's activated.

    Does this mean that I have to re-download Poser Pro 11 and animals again? That's over a 1 GB. I have limited bandwidth...argh.