Help! CSP crashes when I save

  • Hi Guys,

    New poster, so apologies if this one is a regular topic / question!

    So I'm trying to create an A2 poster in CSP. I've done a drawing, scanned it and opened it in CSP at 600dpi. I can edit the poster, add layers, etc no problem (no lag at all), but as soon as I try and save the file in .clip format the program crashes. Without fail.

    Photoshop, on the other hand, can handle the file fine as a .PSD – so it's deffo a problem with CSP over the file itself.

    I realise 600dpi is quite high – I tend to like working in that format so the print quality is of the right standard.

    Any help / suggestions on how I can get CSP to start behaving and save the darn file

  • Hit "submit" too early. Forgot to say – Thanks in advance :)