Genesis 8 in Poser Pro 11 - done

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    Thank you so very much for posting this finding ibr_Remote!! Thank you for posting the settings in the DS Export because I was having one point , my figure looked like a paper wad when I tried Importing back into Poser LOL!
    But now I am getting good results. I found too that the expression on the face will export as well...the body poses will not export, but the expressions will.
    Here is The Little Ones, Exported into Poser..I didnt spend alot of time posing the character..but this is a quick render using my toon lighting. I have noticed that the shoulder areas are a bit rough but that will be fixed in Photoshop easy enough.

    That's a cute render !!

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    @ibr_remote Thank you !! :)

  • Is this something new to Poser 11.1?

    I know the pose is in there somewhere!
    This is the usual method I use to get stuff into Cinema. Fortunately, Cinema's FBX import is able to extract the pose, morphs and clothes from the FBX file.

  • I'm trying to get this to work but I'm having issues. Poses aren't there when I import something even after making sure my export settings are the same as yours. If I try to pose (I'm using Victoria 6 as a test) she starts to crumble or pull apart. I'm doing what you've done but it's not working for me.