Poser 11 Tutorials Available

  • Jump start your skills with over 7 hours of personal instruction in 14 step-by-step video tutorials focusing on specific features of Poser 11 and Poser Pro 11. Animator and Poser Artist, Steve Harms, shares his workflow secrets and guides your learning beginning with the Poser basics; navigating the user interface, locating tools, operating cameras and posing figures.

  • @nerd3d This looks interesting, but forgive this dumb question, who is Steve Harms?

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    I believe he is head of "Earthling Arts"

  • I've been going through this tutorial after goofing around with Poser for a couple of years, and it's extremely helpful—so helpful that SmithMicro should consider offering a bundle of the tutorials and Poser 11.

  • I'm new to Poser having used Daz3D for a long time. I'm completely bamboozled by this program. Is there any online tutorials for Poser 11 that are free? With the exchange rate it's pretty expensive.

  • @MonicaT There are a lot of free tutorials on youtube and also at Renderosity, where they're listed under Community.

    Smith Micro periodically does sales—I got this when it was discounted. So you might get on their mailing list or follow them on Twitter.

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    There is SM's webinars too. They are great!

  • Are the poser 11 tutorials relevant if you have poser pro 2014 ? I am not quite ready to upgrade but would love to have a tutorial.

    The Learning Poser® 11 and Poser® Pro 11 Video Tutorials requires (at minimum) the installation of Poser 11 or Poser Pro 11. Please ensure that you have installed Poser 11 or Poser Pro 11 on your computer. As well, you'll need at least 7 GB of free hard drive space. Please be aware that the video for Lesson 5 - Library Part 2 at time 2:50 to 5:00 will display a nude female form.

  • @artnyoga My guess is some of it would be useful for people with 2014, but it focuses on new things that P11 can do, so I don't think I'd recommend it for you. Unless you're fairly sure you want to upgrade. Then it might be useful for encouraging you to upgrade soon. :)

  • @artnyoga Renderosity also has tutorials on PP2014 as well. You're covered.

  • @willshetterly
    Thanks I guess it makes perfect sense that new tutorials are to the latest version. I have scoured about for tutorials from the likes of renderousity , YouTube, infinite skills.com and smith micro webinars. After watching a lot a trying things out I still feel like I am an amateur. Maybe it is a matter of getting more time with poser.

    My use is for a part time project of mine. So I only get time on with poser on the weekends and at 10 pm after my normal day.

    I guess I will ask more questions and keep,using the program as often as possible.


  • @Glitterati3D @Boni It was pointed out to me that my name was mentioned here so I'll be happy to reply. I am Steve Harms, the instructor in the tutorials. I used to work full time on the Poser development team and I am still on the beta team. I also still contract with the company from time to time such as with the tutorials and the promo videos. I work as a freelance animator with Poser at the heart of my 3D workflow. I used to call my business Earthling Arts as Boni pointed, but these days I just use my name. If interested you can see my work at www.steveharms.com
    I hope that clears things up. If anyone has any questions on the tutorials I will happily respond. Thanks!

  • "Are the Poser 11 Tutorials relevant to older versions?"
    I see this question being asked a lot here on this thread, and the answer is absolutely yes. The majority of the lessons will be very useful and relevant going back several versions. In fact as the instructor I tried to keep a very general approach to learning Poser over all. Yes I do go over many of the new features, but much more time is spent on Poser's general features which older versions have. The lessons start out very basic as if your using Poser for the first time and then each lesson gradually goes into more advanced use of Poser. In the end you will have a great head start on approaching 3D using Poser. I would say theses tutorials start off at Beginner level and end on Intermediate. We have discussed doing an Advanced set of tutorials to go even deeper and spend more time on the lessons. So if you are in need of getting caught up in Poser from scratch, or you would like to polish your skills, I believe this is the best place you could start regardless of which version you have. Finally if you read the bottom of the Poser 11Tutorials product page here: http://my.smithmicro.com/poser-add-ons-learning-poser-11.html, you can view the lesson guide which breaks down what each video will teach you. Again I'll be happy to answer any questions posted going forward. Thanks!