Setting Hardness to Pen Pressure?

  • I noticed that you can adjust pen pressure for a lot of brush settings...except hardness. Anyone know how to do it or mimic it?

  • You can't mimic it up to 100% hard but you can mimic it around 10% hard to 90% hard ... The trick is to realise that each stamp the pen makes overlaps the next one.... and the opacity at the overlap is the sum of the overlapped stamps. Also that once you have 100% opacity then it cannot get any more opaque ... so the two ways to pull this off use a soft round pen shape... dark in the middle and fading away ( you could use the standard circle with hardness set to 1 but even better to create an even softer circle shape of your own).... now use pen pressure to control brush density ( on the brush tip tab) and/or the fixed gap setting on the stroke tab.