Poser Fusion plug-ins update

  • I realize that just getting Poser 11.1 shipping is probably a bit overwhelming at the moment, but curious when the 11.1x updates to the Fusion plug-ins (particularly for Lightwave) might be expected? Of course a new version of Lightwave itself is due out in about 10 days to complicate matters, so perhaps that's a factor.

    The current one sorta works but no where near as smoothly as in 11.0x.

  • @ma3rk I was told that SmithMicro does not officially support Lightwave2018 yet. Poser 11.1 is somewhat new, so I dont know if it means we have to wait till poser 12 comes out?

  • @ruscular
    That's pretty much what I'd figured as 2018 is such a major re-write. I supect it'll be the same issue working with 3DCoat & LW models and probably a few other apps too until everything settles down.

    Something to look forward to this Summer.

  • @ma3rk they seem to support substance painter, but issues with 3Dcoat.

  • @ruscular
    Substance Painter looks quite interesting. I just acquired Origami Digital's OD_Toolset. I can use much of it with LW 2015, but of course it's largely for 2018. Oliver has a separate tool for working specifically with Substance Painter.

    Eventually, I believe everything will get along with each other. I still wince when I remember trying to get Poser 6 and Lightwave to work together eons ago.