Paul and Pauline have left the building? Missing from 11.1 installation

  • In fact, EVERYONE under the "People" heading in "Poser 11 Content" is missing. There are folders for Paul, Pauline, Rex, Roxie, Ryan and SimonG2, and each of those folders is empty. Is this tied to the failure of the Content Updater to locate the executable and run?

    I installed the content on a different drive than C:, since that drive is my SSD. I have all the additional figures, but not these main figures. "New Figures" is also empty.

    Just one more reason why I don't care for the DLM - let it manage my downloads, fine, but I prefer to install the files directly, from zips that I can open and review if I want to.

  • Found them!

    Despite the fact that I installed all of my content to a different directory on the E: drive, the DLM is just an ignorant tool that doesn't, apparently, use that information for anything. Despite the fact that I specifically installed Poser itself on the E: drive, the installation routine still put the default Poser 11 Content folder, and mapped only that runtime, on the C: drive under the Documents library.

    Come on, guys! This is programming 101. Fix this! If you are going to allow people to install content, USING THE DLM, somewhere other than the default location, don't you think it makes just a LITTLE bit of sense to map that as a runtime, too?

  • I am having the same problems. Smith Micro apparently does not test these things before release. I had version 11 installed and the 11.1 "update" broke it. Poser support is pretty worthless as I submitted the problem nearly 12 hours ago without an answer. I've nearly always had problems with Poser's content scheme and now they've changed all the "support" logins. What a terrible programming team. How does one get support? No way to make a phone call.