Free video tutorials

  • I have a question regarding the free Poser Pro 11 video tutorials. The SM site says, "Special Holiday Offer! Get the Poser Video Tutorials FREE with your purchase of Poser 11 or Poser Pro 11! "
    This is for purchases made when exactly? I bought it about 10 days ago so would I qualify for it or is it only for specific dates on or around the holidays? Would that be Christmas holidays only? Well, technically Hanukkah started on the 12th and I bought it on the 11th so there goes that holiday too. :) j/k
    I just want to know if I should wait for some kind of link or go ahead and buy them.

  • @kalypso
    And how about an early adopter of Poser 11 Pro, some days after the release? Are we left outside in the cold, as a punishment for buying Poser too early?

  • Hey everyone! If you purchased Poser on December 5th or after that date, you're certainly entitled to these tutorials.

    If you purchased a digital copy, then the tutorials should have been added to your cart and included in your order. If you ordered a physical copy, you should have received a card in there to redeem the free tutorials.

    So if you purchased on or after Dec. 5th and didn't receive your tutorials, please reach out to support at with your order number and they'll be able to help get you those tutorials!

  • Thanks! I just sent an email and looking forward to learn more about this new Poser version.