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  • Re: Character creating: exporting morph inj. ?
    Thank you Glitterati3D . I have been using Poser since Version 5 but I am still such a newbie in my expertise. I have wanted to export morph injections for ever and your simple instruction worked so well. I tried it on Pauline V2 African (I am impatient) and exported the two African head morphs and the left and right eye morphs and now have a working Pauline 2 African.

    Make sure Use External Morph Targets is turned on

    File>Export>Morph Injection

  • I'm glad it was of use to you! Congrats on your attempt. Now show us a render of your handiwork!

    Oh and don't forget to turn off Use External Morph Targets. I've managed to screw up some simple morphs by forgetting to do that!

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