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    Please, I have a question about creating custom brushes from images..

    I normally work using Adobe Illustrator, and I created various brushes for some effects.
    One of the most useful brushes I created, is one which mimics a quill pen.

    Illustrator allows to convert a image (vectorial format) and each stroke made has this quill pen image stretched to fill from start to finish.. fitting in any curve made.

    I´m not sure if I´m clear, so I´m posting a image showing how it looks using Illustrator.
    But when I tried to do the same in Manga Studio, I just could do a pattern brush, spraying copies of my quill

  • I don't think this style of brush making is possible in CSP. Brushes in CSP are made by continuously stamping the brush tip along the brush stroke. Illustrator brushes are made by stretching a single brush stroke image along a vector path.

  • @garlam Wouln't it then be a ribbon brush perhaps?

  • @laura.seabrook The ribbon wouldn't stretch the brush stroke image the length of the brush stroke a single time. It would just stamp the image over and over again end to end.

  • I'm not so sure. Maybe something could be done based on pressure used, so that extra pressure at the end produces a "blob". Or maybe it could be done as a vector and corrected afterwards.

  • A custom pressure curve might work. It could be easier to just make a brush that tapers heavily at the end of the stroke using the Starting and Ending option. Then draw a quick blob in the other direction at the end of the tail.

  • @garlam
    Thanks so much for this !
    I will try it, and I would like to say thank you to all who wrote sugesting solutions!

    I´m sorry if I took some time to reply, for some reason, most of the times, my "reply" button doesn´t works...