Problem with Queue Manager Poser 11.1serial number

  • Hi All,

    Queue Manager installed on my machine with the 11.1 update. When launched, it asks for a serial number. I entered my poser 11 serial number and it was rejected as being invalid, which I know it is not.
    If Queue Manager uses a unique serial number, where can I find it, or is the poser one supposed to work?

  • Poser Ambassadors

    @jmf1964 Queue uses its own serial key. When you bought Poser 11 Pro, you would have received an email with both the Poser serial and the Queue serial. P11 (non-Pro) does not have Queue functionality.

    Queue has its own serial so that you can install Queue on as many machines as you can network together to use them as render slaves.

  • Thanks, I just found that myself. I've upgraded to poser pro 11 and got the serial number for queue as well

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    @jmf1964 If you other computers connected to your router, you can install Queue (enter the Queue serial, not the Poser serial) on those machines and use them for rendering batch lists and animations. :D

    Be sure to grant firewall permissions -both inbound and outbound- so that the machines can communicate.