Is it a BUG or a feature?...

  • I mentioned this in another thread, but since I've got no answer there yet, figured I'd take it to the masses.

    I discovered another issue yesterday while rebuilding one of the shaders I found on Chocfur. Now, chocofur is a Blender site, actually, so all of their shaders are in .blend format. Chocofur though has created some shaders that except for the missing nodes in Poser, can be rebuilt easily enough. Chocofur has also created some node groups that each shader uses, and sometimes has two or even three of these node groups in a shader. So Yesterday I finally make two of these node groups and save them to the materials library. Now here's where the issue comes in. I can import one shader into the material room from the library if I want to try and make a shader, but if I try to import a second node group from the library, Poser will replace the first node group with the second. There doesn't seem to be anyway to import a second material into the material room window without it replacing the one that's already there. I also tried to copy and paste the node group, but the same thing happened. So, I'm hoping someone can tell me, is that a bug or the way it's supposed to work? Because if it's not a bug, it's damned annoying. I was going to just save these node groups and import them in as I needed, but doesn't seem much of a point now. I have to rebuild the shader pretty much from scratch each and every time.

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    I've made several groups of nodes, some as compound but not all, & can import them multiple times into the same material without replacing anything. I make sure the ones I want to save are highlighted & save them as mt5 single materials with 'selected nodes only' ticked. Then load from library using the double tick 'add to scene' option. Just checked on 11.1 & appears to be working for me.

  • @caisson I can import as many nodes as I want . It's only when I try to import a node group or compound node that I've previously saved to the material library that this happens.

  • Open Matroom. Open Library. Check that saved material group is in mt5 format.
    Single tick replaces.
    Double tick adds.
    The second copy can be exactly over first, but not replaces first.

  • @phdubrov Okay, so I did as you instructed. Apparently, Poser will replace the node if it is NOT saved as an mt5?? The double tick doesn't even appear as a choice unless it is an mt5. And the node I was trying to use was an mc6. But I saved both node groups I was trying to add, but apparently, I saved it the wrong way???