Next Project: a Captioning/Text Baloon thingie

  • Still 7 more days in December, I'm still bored as there's no action at work due to Holidays, and I'm pretty much done (except for bug fixes) with the Metaballs and Poinger The Oscillator scripts.

    So I'm thinking something that can be done in 7 days is a tool with 1 option. Create Caption.

    It creates a wireframed control box like the previous tools; the purpose of the control box is to just allow parenting to a single figure to get all its children into one line in the animation palette.

    It then creates a 2D rectangular surface (just 4 points with uv coordinates), and asks a few parameters: Start Frame, End Frame, Font, Size, Folder and Text. Allow it to enter say $ line for line breaks. Then thanks to wxWidgets wonderful super-easy 2D graphics, it writes the text into a grayscale (or black/white? hmm...) texture image and saves that in memory as a transmap, and saves into a file in that folder. Then it creates a material node for that 2D surface that as a transmap, and sets root color as black. Finally it sets the surface visible within Start Frame and End Frame, and invisible otherwise.

    User can then parent his preferred balloon props (can be just a white rectangle if someone does not have a baloon prop) to the same control frame, and parent/position the prop texts within the balloon. That way he can have multiple texts showing on/off into the baloon, can use whatever baloon or prop he wants to hold the text. He can then position the whole thing on the scene by positioning the control panel and/or the baloon props.

    What about that?