Problem w Queue Manager since 11.1 update

  • Was working fine before, now the progress % stays at 0.

    Main computer(port 4418) reads: Talking to Poser. ...adding new Queue entry id 1. The file info and 0.0 % Progress.
    Remote computer (port 11523) reads: Discovery query from 192.1681.1.3 (port 4418). 1 Procs available.

    Help appreciated, thanks.

  • Also when help is clicked the main reads Welcome to Queue Manager where as the remote is still and the Download Manager reveals no update.

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    @gpanther3 It is the mismatch between build numbers. A report has been filed. Until resolved, you could look in *C:\Users\admin\SmithMicroDLM\Downloads\installed* and run the 34338 installer on your master machine. Reverting it back to 34338 would allow it to communicate with the remotes.

  • Thank you.

  • I have not yet done the update, but Queue Manager has been a bit quirky for me for a long time. I found out a long time ago that once a render is in the queue I'd better not cancel or delete it, even if it is still waiting to be processed. Do that, and things really go to hell. I get multiple instances of FFRender running, two or three of the renders in the queue show progress at the same time, and eventually it just stops.

    I used to run into that with Poser 8, 2010, 2012, 2014, and now apparently with Poser Pro 11. Just tried it again yesterday and after closing and relaunching Poser several times and a couple of complete restarts of the machine, I thought I had cleared whatever is going on. Not so.

    Now I just fed it nine large renders - 1.6Gb PZ3 files - and it ran the first seven of them then blew up on the eighth one. It said that it couldn't find the .BOM file associated with the render. If you use Queue Manager, you know it copies the PZ3 file you're rendering into a new PZ3 file in the target folder, naming it with the current date and time that it was created. This, apparently, is what Queue Manager actually feeds to Firefly for rendering. Now I've gotten an error message saying that it couldn't find a file named the same as that PZ3 file but with a BOM extension.

    I don't know what is going on or how to fix it. I have no alternative but to shut it all down and do a restart and hope that gets me through a few more renders. No way am I going to do an update that might disrupt my ability to use Queue Manager.

  • Any update on the resolution?

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    0_1514561369971_dontKnow.gif I'm keeping one workstation's P11Pro on 34338 until I see an update for Queue which matches the build number of Poser Pro.

  • The lack of response to this issue is not a good look.

  • @gpanther3 Too right, if they had warned us that upgrading would render us unable to do network renders I would have waited to upgrade. And the total lack of response from SM is really irritating!