Upgrades and Sidegrades

  • I'm wanting to move from POSER 11 to POSER PRO 11 and I keep looking for the sales but I only see offers for UPGRADE and SIDEGRADE that I don't think will satisfy what I need to do. This is how I understand SmithMicro offers: An UPGRADE would allow me to replace my POSER 11.0 with POSER 11.1 on my existing system. Correct? A SIDEGRADE would allow me to move my POSER 11.0 on my current operating system to another operating system (for example: from windows 7 to windows 10 or maybe from different machines such as from WINDOWS to MAC). Correct? Does SmithMicro have OFFERS that allow me to REPLACE my current POSER 11.1 to POSER PRO 11.1 on same machine and operating system and if so, what do they call it? Something other than UPGRADE or SIDEGRADE? Thanks for your help in advance. Also, enjoy visiting www.crappyproductions.com

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    Update (usually free) is from P11 to P11.1
    Upgrade is from P10 to P11 or PP2014 to P11 Pro
    Sidegrade is from P11 to P11 Pro

  • @wimvdb
    Thanks. Have you ever googled the explanation for SIDEGRADE? That was my confusion. Visit www.crappyproductions.com