Superly Shader for chain mail?

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    I updated this little outfit for Miki 4, but the chain mail doesn't quite look right. Can anyone help me with doing a Superfly shader so I can improve this? I am still trying to figure out how all the nodes work.


  • If needed, I can supply the texture maps that I used on this. I downloaded them from somewhere (and I can't remember where!), and they include a trans map, a normal map, bump map, displacement map and a specular map.

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    Cousin Rokket, I have asymmetrical seamless tiles for chain mail (two densities, four colors, plus transmaps) and Superfly materials. I'll need to save out MT5s and package it.

    I also have a "second skin" overlay version which will show the doll's existing skin material behind/beneath the mail.
    I'll include that in the package.

    Oh, wait - you're enroute at sea, ya? I'll put a material together using my maps and screenshot it. You can then copy it (substituting your own maps) from the screenshot. Might be later today - I'm fixing stuff now, and then need to get around to family.

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    This shows two possible roots; either will work well in Superfly. Control the scale of tiling your maps by setting value 2 in the math (divide) node. Do not attempt to use displacement in Superfly - it lacks the micropoly displacement of Firefly. Just use bump.
    0_1514207387014_chain mail - Superfly.PNG
    Make sure that your transparency map also limits specularity (as shown), otherwise the void spaces between rings will look like clear plastic.
    Set the transmap's gamma to 1. Same for the height/bump map.

  • Oh, nice! I think one of the major issues I was causing was the gamma setting. I totally forgot about it. I'll get to work on this and post something later.

    Enjoy your Christmas, cousin!

  • Much better now... But I am going to keep tweaking it. Thank you again, cousin. Merry Christmas.

    0_1514214348778_chain mail.png