Lighting your 3D Scene in Poser.

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    IBL lights should have been removed from Poser when IDL came along.

    Why continue "faking" when you have the "real thing"?

  • IBL does not work in Superfly IIRC.

  • @ghostship Yes, I add one to a scene with no shadows just so I can see everything if I'm only using a HDRI dome for my lighting, kept switching it off before render then realised I didn't need to!

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    in the past, we had to "fake" a lot of things.
    IBL, and AO (Ambient Occlusion) being two very well known examples.

    Modern render engines calculate true values and try to reproduce true light effects inside the render engines thereby not requiring the "old style faking setups.".

    A while ago, I did a study of the new PhysicalSurface Root in the material room, and that's the only Root node I continue to use.

    • Poser Preview
    • Poser Raytracing => Available through a checkbox inside the FireFly render engine, => Quality controllable via the number of Pixel Samples, and VERY FAST !
    • Poser FireFly
    • Poser SuperFly on CPU
    • Poser SuperFly on GPU

    (The above are the 5 render engines available inside Poser BTW)

    All materials can be build and rendered in all of the above render engines using the PhysicalSurface root node. => Metal is a special case, but it's in the webinar.
    See this video for more clarity

    Best regards and have fun using the Poser tools.

  • @vilters
    I wouldn't have asked if that info was in the manual and quickly to find.
    The manual for Poser is one of the most verbose yet worst I've encountered, cause it lacks a lot of info regardless of it's verbosity.

    And I dont think IBL "fake it", AO fakes it, but IBLs are "the real thing" that is. the real light, when based on HDRIs, aren't they?
    And like amethystpendant said, they are good for lighting the preview without needing a lot of aux lights that have to switched off and on all the time

    And I think, forums are also for repeating and rewording and reexplaining stuff that's actually in the manual, RTFM comments are the most useless thing on the internet. Especially when the manual is lacking, like here, and over 1000 pages, and the software crammed with legacy stuff.

  • @vilters said in Lighting your 3D Scene in Poser.:

    One does not have to repeat "known" information or info that is clearly in the manual; Simply refer to the correct pages in the manual, and "add" clarification where required.

    Forums, blogs, and tutorials are to explain tips and tricks that are NOT in the manual. Just my humble opinion.

    Your comment is rude.

    Totally not agree with you. What you promote is abolition of schools. Books won't never ever replace teachers and cours.

    Discouraging people that try to share their experience is simply low. (even if she starts with bases)

    If you don't feel interested in this thread just not post here.


    Don't take it bad i'm just frank as you are :)

  • I agree with Barnardino.

    If we could all just RTFM, then what is the point of forums like this? If asking questions or explaining things are bad, how on earth would people learn all the tricks?

    I am no good with manuals. Or rather .. they're a great read as such, but just that. I like to have things explained, not just HOW but WHY.

    For instance, I'm currently rendering an image. In Superfly. With an IBL as lightsource. And now I'm told IBLs doesn't work in Superfly? Hm. Where's my light coming from, then? Is everything really lit by my sole piddly Area Light? Doesn't look that way ...
    Er .. colour me confused.

    Had the manual said (and had I bothered to read it ...) "IBLs don't work in Superfly" ... I wouldn't have tried it. But since ignorance is bliss, I put one in anyway and .. it's lighting the scene.

    So what am I missing here?

  • @trekkiegrrrl they do something strange in my renders and don't look right (Superfly) so they don't get used. They Still work in Firefly so no issues using them there. The thing is I never used them anyway because If I want that kind of lighting I use a dome and then I have something to reflect as well. In Superfly/PBR EVERYTHING is reflective, even just a little bit so you need that anyway for things to look right.

  • @trekkiegrrrl said in Lighting your 3D Scene in Poser.:

    For instance, I'm currently rendering an image. In Superfly. With an IBL as lightsource. And now I'm told IBLs doesn't work in Superfly? Hm. Where's my light coming from, then? Is everything really lit by my sole piddly Area Light? Doesn't look that way ...
    Er .. colour me confused.

    Hi @trekkiegrrrl I thought show and tell would be usefull, I'm in the middle of a series so no comments on the content as it is definitely a WIP!

    Here is my scene in preview with an IBL at 60%


    Same preview with it turned off

    Quick SF render 36 samples with the light on

    And same with IBL off

    I certainly can't see that the IBL is providing any light to the scene when rendered with SF


  • IBL lights are pretty much the same thing as HDR lights. They're both 360 image maps used for illumination of a scene. The biggest difference between them, aside from image quality, is how they project the light on your scene. Poser's IBLs use a light probe. HDRs use a skydome. An HDR map is wrapped 360 around a skydome. An IBL map is wrapped 360 around a light probe. And both need Indirect Lighting to be turned on in order to work.

  • @trekkiegrrrl
    Have you tried a test render without the piddly little area light to check whether the IBL is contributing? I just did a test with a point light set up as an IBL and it lit up the scene like a christmas tree, except when I hit render the scene was completely dark. I cranked the light value up to 2500% and still nothing.
    If you are managing to light a scene using IBL ALONE (ie, no piddly area lights) then I suspect some would like to see the evidence and the method. My understanding and experience is that IBL does not contribute to a render in Superfly.