Lighting your 3D Scene in Poser.

  • IBL lights are pretty much the same thing as HDR lights. They're both 360 image maps used for illumination of a scene. The biggest difference between them, aside from image quality, is how they project the light on your scene. Poser's IBLs use a light probe. HDRs use a skydome. An HDR map is wrapped 360 around a skydome. An IBL map is wrapped 360 around a light probe. And both need Indirect Lighting to be turned on in order to work.

  • @trekkiegrrrl
    Have you tried a test render without the piddly little area light to check whether the IBL is contributing? I just did a test with a point light set up as an IBL and it lit up the scene like a christmas tree, except when I hit render the scene was completely dark. I cranked the light value up to 2500% and still nothing.
    If you are managing to light a scene using IBL ALONE (ie, no piddly area lights) then I suspect some would like to see the evidence and the method. My understanding and experience is that IBL does not contribute to a render in Superfly.