Can you Hide universe ?

  • In hierarchy editor, if I click on the eye close to the Universe to hide it, poser stops functionning.
    Do you reproduce it, or is it only me ?
    By the way Poser is quite unstable after windows 10 creator updates and the 11.1 update. But not sure where the problem is. Crash reports in event viewer is almost useless :

    Nom de l’application défaillante Poser.exe, version :, horodatage : 0x5a3118fc
    Nom du module défaillant : MSVCR120.dll, version : 12.0.40649.5, horodatage : 0x56bc00d3
    Code d’exception : 0xc0000409
    Décalage d’erreur : 0x0000000000074a30
    ID du processus défaillant : 0x3084
    Heure de début de l’application défaillante : 0x01d37f0e8bffe710

    i can provide the .wer but useless too.

    Seems a very stupid bug that one, easy to fix.
    Chemin d’accès de l’application défaillante : C:\Program Files\Smith Micro\Poser 11\Poser.exe
    Chemin d’accès du module défaillant: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\MSVCR120.dll
    ID de rapport : c04c4ba5-16bc-4936-8339-cf458ff26bef
    Nom complet du package défaillant :
    ID de l’application relative au package défaillant :

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    Why hiding the Universe? It should be greyed out so it isn't possible.

  • I wanted to hide all, and then show one thing only. Even if it's weird use case, it shall not crash.

  • I get a crash when hiding the universe too. I've already reported it. Hopefully, it won't be a long wait. Until then, what I'm doing is selecting all the things except the universe. (select the first item, hold shift and select the last item.) and then click on one eye.

  • @redphantom My car cuts off when i disconnect the battery. Is that a bug or a feature? :)

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  • @eclark1849 Actually, you need an alternator.... It should continue to run with the battery unhooked. :)

  • @shvrdavid Maybe, but I'm pretty sure if I hid the actual Universe everything else would stop working. :)

  • Nope.
    Definitely worked in PP2014 and previous.

    @lsauvage said in Can you Hide universe ?:

    I wanted to hide all, and then show one thing only. Even if it's weird use case, it shall not crash.

    I used it exactly the same way.
    And if you (even unintentionally, against some "rule") do hide it and Poser freezes instead of simply ignoring the command then it's definitely a bug.
    Otherwise it should be renamed to "Crash Poser Instantly".


  • @karina you'r right it works very smoothly in 2014pro. definitly a regression of poser 11.

  • Hiding the universe shouldn't cause it to crash, though other things may crash into it because they couldn't see it. And if you hide one universe, what happens to all the other AUs?

    Seriously, it was a good way to hide or show everything in a scene with one click up until this latest update. I used it frequently in my big scenes to help when things were bogging down. Hide everything, show one figure, pose it, hide it, show then next, etc.

  • MacOS Poser Pro gives the SBBOD* and becomes unresponsive after making all the scene objects invisible. I was hoping to have a look at a crash dump, but it's just disappeared up it's own event horizon.

    *SBBOD = Spinning Beach Ball Of Death.