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  • Hm, I think I do need an example - I dont get it to work either way.
    With Add Closure it seems buggy, with MixClosure I get a 50/50 mix which is semi transparent where the color for transparency is white.

    Also, I am not sure how you set up your background lit scene.
    Do you still use an IBL light? Or set the backgroud material to cast light?

  • @starlingblue
    Sorry for my late respond, but it got a little late last night
    Here are some screenshots how a simple mixclosure works:


    With a mixclosure you can mix between two different shaders : Diffuse, Glossy, transpant, emission translucent etc.
    With the fac input you can modulate between the two shaders. I have made a simple one with two diffuse shaders, one red, one blue. For the modulator I used a simple tile-function, but this can be anything: formula;s , 3d-functions, transparencymaps. (besides the new cycle-nodes, you can also use the old poser-functions.

    Here is the result:
    Perhaps you ask what this has to do transparancy? Replace just one of the diffuse shaders with a transparency shader
    and this is the result:
    You can also replace the tile function with an transparencymap.

  • @starlingblue

    Here is the setting for a mirrorbal. Very simple.

    Just add a Glossy , be sure the color is almost white. With roughness you control the blurryness of the reflection.


    If you more questions, just ask. If I have time I answer.

  • Thanks for your time, this was really helpful.

  • @bagginsbill Besides the Primitive prop image. How did you set the actual background to have that sky?

  • On the background material you have switch on "cast light".

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    @authintix Same way. The surrounding prop is the built-in ground (aka the Construct) and I attached an image to it same as I did on the rectangle.

    Images for surrounds like the Construct or my EnvSphere are arranged in a certain way but how they are attached is the same.

    I'm not sure if you're asking how to map the image data for a 360-degree environment or if you're asking literally how did I load it onto the surrounding prop.

    The mapping or layout of the pixels in the image is called equirectangular for my EnvSphere. The exact mapping for the construct is NOT equirectangular but it is close enough that people get away with using those images. However, they don't lay quite right on the construct and tend to look squashed.