Poser 11.1 crashes when launching PhilC Poser Toolbox and Poser Pocket Knife

  • I am not sure whether this is a problem with the scripts or whether something has changed in the update to Poser 11.1
    I get a message that the Poser Toolbox menu has been loaded, and then Poser crashes.

  • I PM'd PhilC about this at Rosity, and he told me it was a feature of the new windows updates. shrug

    But yes it's something in the new poser, though I'm only experiecing it with Tool box, pocket knife was still working for me. And after watching what was happening a couple of time, I'm not so sure as poser is crashing as it is just closing the whole program after closing the dialogue box.

    So right now I have both 11.08 and the 11.1 update installed.

  • I sent Phil a message via Facebook and he says that all his scripts are broken and he has removed them from the stores. This is very sad indeed.