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  • Dear Community,

    I have recently bought and installed Poser 11 (for Christmas!).

    I used the Download Manager, which dutifully downloaded what seemed to be the software, but also a considerable number of resources, which I understand come with it. Approximately 5gbs?

    However, when I go into my library, I have some resources but not the amount that I was expecting / can see in the advertised standard resources.


    If I could be advised as to what I have got wrong, I would be very grateful.

    Kindest Regards,

  • @benjaminsalmon that library view looks as though you have not run all of the installers. Is the DLM showing those packages as installed, or just downloaded, with a button offering to Install them?

    Can you show us a screen shot of the Download Manager?

  • Hi there, many thanks for your quick reply:


    I was confused, it's telling me to install: but I have already installed it- the programs running? Do I need to do it again?


  • @benjaminsalmon at this point, I think the easiest thing to do is quit your running version of Poser, then click install in the DLM and let it do it's thing. It's not as if you have any previously installed content you need to preserve, so it doesn't really matter if you re-install the application, unless you've done lots of UI customisation already.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    Be sure to put a checkmark in front of all the content installers.
    => this installs the content files automatically.

  • 0_1514474750941_ea4d0c3d-2a1a-46ee-bc51-4b6cf81e0704-image.png

    Does that not include them? Or do you mean something else?

  • All working, reinstalled, much obliged guys!

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