Question about parenting objects in an animation

  • So I'm working on an animation that about 120 frames long so far, about half way through one character is going to lift another character. I want to parent the lifted figure to the hand/s of the lifting figure so that they move in unison. The problem is the parent goes back to the first frame and the parented figure moves with the parent from frame one !
    How do I undo the parent for the frames I don't want it in ?
    And is there a way to parent both hands to the other figure ?


  • You don't want to parent the figure. Parenting is a non-animating property, so it's valid for all the frames.

    What you want is to add a constraint. Say you have two Andy figures... Andy 1 and Andy 2. Select Andy 1's body (be sure to have body selected) and then Object / Add Constraint, select say Andy 2 right hand.

    That will make Andy 1 moves to Andy 2 right hand. Then go back to Andy 1's body and set a value of 0 to Constraint 1. Now Andy 1 can move freely around.

    So you keep the constraint at 0 while Andy 1 is free, then set it to 1 on the frame when he is grabbed. Now he's no longer free and will follow Andy 2 hand. Then when he's free again reset that back to 0.

  • Thanks,
    That almost does what I want, except, with the dial set to one the second figure flips over on his head and his scale changes to match the other figure, the first figure is a giant scaled up to 400%
    If I constrain the first figures hand to the second figures hip or body the same thing happens to the hand.

  • This is what worked for me to get rid of that scaling: create a box, Object / Change Parent of that box to the right hand of Andy 2.

    Then select Andy 1 body as before, Object / Add Constraint, select the box.

    That sequence does not create odd scaling and rotations.

    Then if you don't want the box to be in the way you can make it invisible, or change the material of the box to be fully transparent.

  • Thanks, I had to make 2 boxes and parent them one to each figure then add a constraint from one box to the other. I still had to reposition the figure but there was no scaling or rotation