Material tip brush doesn't react on color and blending.

  • I`m trying to create a brush (spray or ribbon), which use material for brush tip. But as I can see my current color has no influence on it when i draw. 0_1514642954862_64348fd0-0e78-48bf-b4f1-62cbe47c3475-image.png
    Even if i duplicate one of standard brushes, for example this (definitely using the same stuff i need) 0_1514643300338_4c94074d-db8f-4e2b-a9e9-2e0321fcd93c-image.png at the moment when I apply my image as brush tip material stops reacting on the color. Any suggestions, guys?

  • if you create the brush tip image on a color layer then the brush will be fixed in the color of when the tip shape was saved. to make the tip paint in the currently picked color you have to save the tip from a grayscale or monochrome layer.