Help on custom fill brush

  • I love how you can just drag the fill bucket brush across multiple closed areas to quickly fill individual closed segments. My question, is their a way to adjust the brush properties to adjust the variance in hue, saturation, and value as you drag the brush?

  • +Not exactly sure what you are asking for ..... you cannot make it vary what it does ( e.g. in response to pressure) but what you can do is click on the wrench to give you the sub tool detail palette and on the ink tab you can choose a blending mode for the fill of color or brightness or saturation ( or several others that have interesting effects)... so for example if you pick "saturation" then if your currently picked color is very saturated then the fill will increase saturation of the colors it fills over or reduce saturation if the picked color is grey

  • To clarify, lets say you have a grid of squares you have drawn with an ink pen. I then choose the paint bucket and a middle tone value of blue. What I would like is to be able to fill the squares, but each time one is filled, there is some variation in the hue/sat/value of the original blue color each time I subsequently fill a new square.