PoserFusion and Lightwave 2018

  • @ruscular

    Ah. OK. Good to know as a work around until it all gets sorted out.

    I've never had any luck with BVH files for some reason. I'll take a relook once things settle in.

  • It seem to work for me. After installing the Fusion plugin into lightwave 2018 i then add PzrForlw2016. Everything but the path seems to work correctly

  • Ryan Roye discover that the FBX import was creating another bone deformation under the object property, and the work around is to remove the second bone.

  • @ruscular
    Take a look at this:

    I know this is for DAZ but as I mentioned, I've had much better luck bring Poser into DAZ first so the info still applies.

  • @ramirezg
    Think I found one of my problems. Lightwave had the PzrForLw10 plug installed rather than the PzrForLw2016 which I have but didn't get updated.

  • @ma3rk
    In LW 2015.3, if I try to import a Poser 2014 PZ3 file and use the PzrForLw2016.p plug, I initially get the usual mesh options message, but then get an error message that the scene needs need a newer version of Lightwave. If I switch back to the PzrForLw10.p version, it imports fine w/o errors.

    Layout won't allow me to have both plugs installed at the same time.

    If I try to import a Poser 11.1 pz3 file, it eventually requests the file Construct.obz which exists in \Poser 11 Content\Runtime\Geometries\Primitives\Construct.obz but I have to go looking for it.

    But, then after browsing & selecting that, it then asks for areaLite.obj which can't be found anywhere on the system, so I click Cancel and it proceeds.

    It then asks for Construct.pmd which I find in \Poser 11 Content\Runtime\Libraries\Props\Primitives\Construct.pmd and again have to go find it. I use a search tool though so can just copy & paste the path into LW requestor.

    It then tells me again that I need a newer version of Lightwave.

    Switching back to the PzrForLw10.p version, and try a Poser 11.1 pz3 file, "D:\Poser 11 Content" and loading EmotiOne.pz3, it again asks for the Construct.obz, areaLite.obj then Construct.pmd and make the same selection choices, but does open the scene.

  • I reinstall Poser fusion and remap the path to LW2018 and poser fusion works very nicely to Lightwave, with Vic4.2, however Genesis2 model had issues.

  • @ruscular
    Where/when do you set that, or is that simply when you export out to Lightwave from the File menu? Been a long time since doing that so can't remember.

  • @ma3rk You import the poser files into load scene, but change the file type selected to all files, and you should now be able to see the poser file and click on it.

    Other than that to enable it when you download using the SmithMicro DLM you would relocate Lightwave file to the LW2018 from LW2015 and the DLM will load it to your new LW program file. Then when you go into layout, add plugin in edit menu and you click on PZR for LW2015, and it should be able to find 3 plugins. Dont really need to add it to your menu. it just need to be enable and allow you to see a poser file in the load scene tab.

  • @ruscular OK. That's what I've did long ago but wanted to confirm I didn't miss something is all. Not going to worry about it for now.