Does anyone know if you can increase the size of the cli studio brush?

  • Good morning personal forum is my first post here. So my question is this: Do you know those ready-made brushes that come with the program or that we lose grass, stone, etc? So I would like to know if you can change the thickness of the line, because I find them very thin.

  • Use the Brush Size slider

  • @garlam
    And can you explain to me where this command is, please?

  • The Tool Properties Palette. It's the first option when you have a brush selected.

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    You may want to have a look through the manual here:

  • @garlam Yes, but is this procedure for the correct normal brushs? I think for others it is not, I mean those brushs that comes with the already drawn grass, with pattern of rock, with multidos already drawn. These are the ones that would like to increase their thickness. Is the procedure the same?

  • You mean the lines on the images? Those images are stamps The only way I can see to increase the lines on those images is to convert brightness to opacity and then use the Line Thickness Correction tool.

  • @garlam I think that showing you an example of the brushs gets better rsrs. So these are, do you have to increase these contour lines?

  • Those brushes are made with images. There's no way to increase the contour lines of the images used to make the stamp. What you would have to do is apply the brush to a layer. Then go to Edit > Covert Brightness to Opacity (to remove the white) and then go to the Correction tool category and find the Line Thickness Correction tool and apply the thickness to the black pixels.

    You could also try converting to vector and increasing the thickness of the vector lines. Either way I think it's going to be a lot of work.

    Option 2 is making your own image stamp brush. Find the Brush image in the Material Palette and open it up in the canvas. Thicken the line using the Convert Brightness to Opacity / Correct Thickness trick again and replace the image in the brush Sub Tool Detail palette.

  • @garlam
    How much work, but already I feared that there would be no way to extend the lines. Anyway thank you very much for the help XD

  • You can usually increase the line width of the outside of the brush picture by switching on and adjusting " border of watercolor" setting for the brush. Also some may be spayed onto the image in which case you may want to adjust increase the "particle size".
    Note that the line width adjustment tool will work on raster lines as well as vector lines. Also if you put the lines from the brush on a separate layer there are other ways that you can easily increase the line width e.g. some of the effects setting in the layer properties palette or by selecting color gamut (black) and then go to Edit>Outline selection.

    So actually there are lots of ways to tackle this.... The latter ones can be recorded as an action and so could be then applied with a single click.