Colors need more contrast

  • I'm using the slate skin. Mostly it looks pretty good, but the contrast on the notifications is pretty bad. The colors are so close together, I almost can't read it. I did say almost. I can read it if I try so I didn't want to complain. But this evening I saw this bar at the bottom of my screen.


    All it seems to say is learn more and got it? What do I got? I was able to highlight the hidden text to see that it was a cookie use warning. But don't you think it should be a little easier to see without resorting to tricks like that? I mean, it's not a spoiler and you really aren't trying to keep it a secret, are you?

  • All of the options for forum skins are the default NodeBB options if memory serves me correct.

    There are a few of them that conflict with many sites.
    Which is a bit odd...