Mac - crashing when I try to move any object in scene (even camera or lights)

  • On a Mac with High Sierra, fully updated. Poser 11.1 is loads up. I can add figures. I can render.

    If I try to move any object through the viewport or the lefthand windows, even the camera, it crashes instantly (even camera on an empty scene). Poser just vanishes without saying what went wrong.

    I have deleted and reinstalled. It certainly didn't do this before. Am I missing something obvious?

    I find I can move things with the dials, but not by dragging in the viewport. I cannot use the left hand side to navigate or move lights. I can switch cameras and adjust light brightness.

    I tried switching to default launch scene in preferences, but I do not know where the possibly corrupt preferences are now stored (or is that still a thing)?

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    The symptoms hint at a problem with a recently updated display driver. Such things are usually a PC problem but you never know.

    Try switching the viewport renderer from OpenGL to Sreed instead. If the problem abates then this is strong evidence that your display driver has changed and not in a good way.

  • One thing that I've found on my Mac (same configuration) is that if I have a repeating glitch, I launch Poser and then do a normal quit. That sometimes clears a cache or something. It could also be some data corrupted at the OS level. It never hurts to re-boot.

  • Ok, added normal quit, reboot, change display mode to Sreed, changed window view to wireframe, disable shadows, change the view to 4 ports, change display port to outline.

    None of it helps. I can click ON the camera move. If I actually try to move something, instant crash.

    Mac Pro (cheese grater) running High Sierra. 2x 4 cores and a Radeon R9 290.

    It runs Lightwave, Modo, Blender, and DS 4.5 just fine so I am willing to entertain ideas.

  • @v3rlon I was dying to try this out but discovered that the external 2T firewire drive I'd installed High Sierra 10.13.1 on was exhibiting end-stage Cheyne-Stokes breathing and I will have to replace it before I can try the latest Poser in High Sierra 10.13.2.

    Strangely, Disk Utility in macOS Sierra couldn't see any problem with the drive, but it's had a long standing problem with shutting itself down and becoming unresponsive. (Seagate GoFlex Desk I've had for years)

  • As noted, I had it working before, so it works under high Sierra, unless a recent patch killed it. I was running it before.

    Also, I am pretty sure the forums would be exploding if this happened to everyone.

  • @v3rlon
    that sounds really bad. I haven't upgraded to high sierra yet, and now youve got me worried. ARe you sure it is not some other problem eg an overfull main internal hard drive or something?

  • @estherau
    Absolutely certain I had it working under High Sierra before. I am just not sure what has changed since then.