Screen dot size

  • Newbie with this software. When I create screen dots the size setting is greyed out and set to 10. How can I manually set the dot size? Also how do I set these screen dots to a different colour than black?

  • How did you place the screen tone on the canvas?

    To change the screen tone size go to the Layer Property Palette and adjust the Number of Tone Lines slider.

  • I draw with the marquee then select the tone pattern from the rectangular box options that appear. I've tried all the other options like number of lines etc, but none of them actually increase the size of the dot - ie I'm making it larger for purely artistic reasons, not to produce a halftone grey.

  • Are you using Version 4?

  • I bought the latest version of Clip Studio for Mac a couple days ago. I'm not home now but will try any suggestions tonight when I get home.

  • Try this:
    Make your marquee selection and go to Layer>New Layer>Tone. You'll get a settings window where you can adjust things like Density, Number of Tone Lines, Angle, and Type of tone (circle, square, line, etc.,). When you hit Okay, you'll have an editable layer of tone that is masked off with the marquee selection. You can adjust all of those settings from the Layer Property Palette after you hit okay so you don't need to stress about the settings too much. Density is your level of gray so keep it around 40 - 50 so you have some dots to work with (80 will be almost black and 20 will be mostly specks).

  • thanks - found it - its 'number of tone lines' slider in the Layers Property Palette - can make the dots really big here. cheers