Kinnect camera

  • First of all thanks guys for all the great responses and help with the background image thing. Have another question. Using the Kiinect ( i think version 2) Is it helpful, ease of use and do you need and xbox one as well or can you just use camera.
    Not looking for brilliant results more just for the motion. Any advice or info anyone can give would be appreciated.

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    Officially, only the Kinect V1 is supported. I think the V2 will work if you run Win8 or later, have a DirectX11 GPU, and USB3 ports.

    The Windows version of the Kinect has both the USB power and data connections for a PC. If using an Xbox Kinect, you'll need the adapter cable.
    0_1515321459230_Xbox 360 Kinect Hyperkin AC adapter.jpg
    0_1515321492070_Kinect sensors 1200p.jpg

    The Windows Kinect can focus at closer ranges than the Xbox Kinect. You can buy a closeup lens for the Xbox Kinect.

  • Thanks for the info. This is the kinnect for windows right. And this connects right to PC?

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    If it's a Windows Kinect, then it already has the needed connections for a PC.
    You'll need to install the Kinect SDK if you haven't already.

    Try to establish an action stage area which has a simple background, not cluttered, and certainly not with things moving in the background. Try to get fairly even lighting, not bright here, dark there.

    Actors should wear close-fit clothing, as opposed to loosely draping clothing.