Poser Pro Usage Rights in For-Profit Game?

  • Hello, I bought Poser Pro a little while back. I have some experience with it and Blender, but am by no means an expert.
    My intent is to create a Unity 3D game, and I would like to better understand my usage rights. I have read the legal documentation in the manual from pp. 11-16.

    "'Legitimate Uses' means (a) creating morph targets based on the Restricted Content, provided that any distribution of the morph targets will not include the original mesh connectivity information (for example, distribution in the form of data utilized with morph moving utilities or in a .CR2 file that references the original geometry, but no inclusion of the complete mesh)"

    Is this referring to the bones? Does this mean I need to re-rig a character for use?

    I am still trying to figure out how complex of a model I can get by with when taking performance into consideration in my game. It doesn't need to be too fancy, but let's say I used Don as a base model, and gave him new textures, and changed his face a little. I have a Kinect v2 cam that I could possibly use for animations, and so on. Would that be ok to include in a for-profit game?

    Also, what about small models like shrubs, grass, other doodads - would I need to change every item to be usable?

    In the meantime, I am using placeholder objects, but it would be nice to get something better in.


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    You can use Paul and Pauline in your game. The other ones you can't distribute the obj's. Only recorded animations or still images.

  • I believe all the content that came with it was included in the game dev version of poser pro 2014 for use in things like unity. You might contact smithmicro directly for more clarification for your version.

  • @thesourcewhisperer As ghostman put it, basically it means you can't redistribute the Object or cr2 files. My suggestion is for you to either:

    1. make your own game assets.
    2. Buy the licenses that come with some game assets. or,
    3. Use free game assets.

  • I also think you might find that the meshes in the Poser figures are heavy and might not work well for game use. Game Dev was mentioned, it might work better for what you are looking for.

    And you will most likely need to buy a license.

  • PP11 and PP11.1 both contain the reduce poly options. The Game Dev features are rolled into the latest pro version of Poser by default. Both for figures and objects.