Question on Area Lights

  • Do area lights work with the Firefly engine? If the answer is no, then the rest of this is pointless. :)

    I ask because when I try to use an area light, the render comes out with these little shadow lines on the figure, almost like grooves. I know it's an issue with the shadow settings/smoothing because I've seen it before with AO and smoothing. Usually, adjusting the AO settings or turning smoothing off fixes it.

    But with the shadow from an area light, I can't seem to get rid of it without turning off smoothing, which causes figures to come out looking jagged, especially in close up shots. It's not an AO issue this time since I've turned off all AO, both on the light and on the figure. I've tried all sorts of shadow settings, but the lines still show up. Usually, I can go to one extreme or the other with settings and see some sort of result that tells me I'm either going the right way or the wrong with the setting. But these shadow lines never change with any setting.

    I'm stumped as to what I can adjust to make the lines go away, assuming I can.

  • @doc000 try using unimesh and subdivision instead of smoothing.

  • @ghostship

    Holy. Crap.

    Unimesh and sub division fixed like 99% of the issue on the figures. There was still a body part here and there where the lines faintly showed up, but upping the sub division on those specific parts fixed it completely.

    I learned something new, so it's officially a good day. :)


  • @doc000 Welcome!

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    @ghostship said in Question on Area Lights:

    @doc000 try using unimesh and subdivision instead of smoothing.

    ghostship is wise.

    Nice one. I didn't even know what the problem was.