Slighty OT: Selling Poser Art...

  • Hello folks,

    A little off-topic, but still on-topic enough, I thought.

    I've been working on a 20 image set with Annie, featuring her in a quarry setting, filthy, posing and performing gymnastics etc with a dumper truck. I would like to sell this 20 image set in .zip format online, without having just anyone be able to access the images. I know, anything released to the wild is liable to get nicked, that's unavoidable, but I'd like to make it pretty unlikely to happen.

    Where could I sell a .zip file of 20 5313x3000px erotic nude renders of Annie, please? I want to keep the set off of my DA page, as it's a huge milestone for Annie to be posing in this manner, and I want to reward devoted followers with the privilege of access to this milestone, if you get my meaning.

    The set, for some reason, took an enormous amount of time to complete... setting up the initial scene took about two hours (I started with no idea what I wanted to do and just built it up from nothing but Annie) and subsequent scenes generally took twenty to forty minutes each time... but rendering was taking 48-50+ hours for each piece! So that's loads of time spent not being able to use my PC much, as it renders (pun) the system unable to perform any other half-interesting function.

    What kind of price would you suggest for this? Is this something I could continue with? I took inspiration from sites like Amour Angels and Met Art, etc for the set.

    I thought of putting my artist email address in a note with the set, asking for critiques, suggestions etc. Would that be good?

    Basically, any info or advice you can offer is greatly appreciated. Thanks a million!

    Here is the thumbnail preview of the full set:

    ***=NSFW content***

    click to show

  • Doesn't Renderotica sell this kind of content?

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    @Glen85 said in Slighty OT: Selling Poser Art...:

    So that's loads of time spent not being able to use my PC much, as it renders (pun) the system unable to perform any other half-interesting function.

    I am astonished to still see things like this. I have written how to configure Poser priority so that it will NOT hog the CPU unless you're otherwise doing nothing, then it hogs it completely efficiently.

    I have written this countless times.

    I have also seen people give advice to use one less thread than cores, which does NOT achieve the perfection of simply running Poser on all cores but with a lower priority than anything YOU want to do, such as browse the web or write a novel.

  • @Glen85 yeah, just read that bit about 48-50 hours to render each image. Something wrong with that. My guess is that you are using IIRC full body hair? Can you post a screen shot of your render settings?

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    @Glen85 I would try on Patreon. I see many artists selling their art over there. I think it is a nice way to sell art to a larger community.

  • Well, I've taken all the advice I've had, made about a billion different render settings, been told they're all wrong, made a few hundred more, done countless things with it over the last goodness knows how many years and yes, it still completely murders my system, on occasion. Unless someone would like to take my PC and physically do what they're suggesting (what I've already bloody well done countless times) then I think it's best to leave it and focus on the render farm. I like you, bagginsbill, but sometimes, you irritate me a bit. Don't get so agro at me, lol! I have flu, be gentle, ffs!

    Riddle me this, then:
    Scene one rendered using 100% of the CPU, and no RAM, scene two rendered using 100% of the RAM, and no CPU, and scene three rendered using most of both. That's an example of what's going on here. Not only that, but most of my scenes now render within an hour or so... there are just certain scenes which, for whatever reason, totally strangle my PC and, frankly, unless someone has a two-step, 100% guaranteed perfect fix that I'll never have to bother with again, I'm really not bothered, I've spent far too much energy on trying to get this sodding thing running smoothly and, like I said, I'm full of flu right now and every joint in my body is killing me, so I sure as hell can't be bothered with a damn thing right now.

    I've had a go at Patreon but it all seems a bit daunting... I feel like there will be high expectations of me, if people are paying for me to release stuff and I'm not doing it, because it's art, which is my hobby, not my job, I can just see things going wrong. I'll take a look into it again and see if I can get some help with it.

  • Also, I should just mention that 'Poser' NEVER uses very much in the way of resources, ever... it's FFRender64.exe which kills everything. I wonder if that's anything to do with it.

  • @ghostship Sorry, I completely missed you. No body hair, open outdoor scene, two lights, DOF, standard settings I always use now (sometimes I don't use DOF) and get on ok with. The only two things in the scene I don't usually use were TerraDome 2 and the dump truck... the only other 'thing' in the scene was Annie!

    Oh, also, really annoyed about DOF causing transparent patches around the edges. I got around it by putting borders on the final pieces, but it wasn't brilliant.

    Perhaps I just need to bite the bullet and dump Firefly for good. Thing is, I don't like big change like that. The joys of ASD!

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    48-50 hours is way to long. I usually set up big render and render them over night. Till the morning it is done.
    Some hair are terrible to render. But on your pics I see nothing what could cause this horrible render time.
    The hair look to me like AS hair, which I also use in most of my render.
    How are your render settings?

  • @Glen85 OK. DOF kills the render. Back when I was still rendering on FF I would have Poser render a Z-depth map with my render (does not slow down a render) and then I'd use the z-depth map to DOF blur the image in Photoshop. Saved me hours of render time. It's not perfect but 15 min of post work is better than 15 hours of render.

  • I've found my render settings to be perfect for the majority of scenes, especially those without DOF. Even with DOF, it turns out grainy in the most blurry areas.

    Would you be able to teach me how to do what you're doing please, Ghost?

    Yes, Annie's hair in that set is the Caprice hair, chosen mainly for its ability to move well, but also because it's realistic for Annie, who started out life with the Desir hair, which this is a shorter, curled version of, in many ways.

    After last night's rant, I have checked back and nothing has changed with the .exe files, everything runs at below normal, so nothing has reversed itself or pulled a fast one on me.

  • @Glen85 set your render to include a z-depth map (aux render data) and export the render as a TIFF. Poser will save 2 images for you. One will be your render the other will be the zdepth map.

  • Ok, cool, thanks! So what do I do with it in PS then, please?

  • @Glen85 the zdepth render will look like this. the darker the parts of the image are farther from the camera. I believe that zdepth just measures the distance between the closest and furthest objects in your scene. If you want a shallow DOF where objects are close to the camera then you might have to remove far distant objects and render a second image to get your z-depth map.
    0_1515608711903_Z-Depth Test 1 Z.jpg

  • @Glen85 In Photoshop duplicate your image into a new layer. Create a layer mask for this new layer and paste your zdepth map into the mask.
    0_1515608973298_Layer mask.jpg

  • @Glen85 go to your filters>blur>lens blur and set your depth map source to layer mask and then set the controls to blur the image in a way you want it to look.

  • @Glen85 It's not perfect. You'll have to do some touch-up blurring by hand with the blur brush but will take you a few min instead of 40 hours for a render with grainy DOF blur.

  • Fantastic, thank you! Yes, masks are something I've only ever had ever so slight experience with while adjusting materials for games... they confused the hell out of me so I ran away from them, lol! I'll do this on my next piece.

    This is my latest piece, which took six hours from concept to publishing, and this has motion blur and excessive IDL.

    ***=NSFW content***

  • Oh, it also has all of Annie's strand-based body hair too, so there's that. :P

  • Hi again,

    So I've tried it out and it looks good in the blur preview, but the layer itself comes out transparent, so it's blurring a semi-transparent layer. If it wasn't so see-through, I think it would look good. Any ideas as to why that's happening, please? Perhaps I could send you the psd? :)