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    48-50 hours is way to long. I usually set up big render and render them over night. Till the morning it is done.
    Some hair are terrible to render. But on your pics I see nothing what could cause this horrible render time.
    The hair look to me like AS hair, which I also use in most of my render.
    How are your render settings?

  • @Glen85 OK. DOF kills the render. Back when I was still rendering on FF I would have Poser render a Z-depth map with my render (does not slow down a render) and then I'd use the z-depth map to DOF blur the image in Photoshop. Saved me hours of render time. It's not perfect but 15 min of post work is better than 15 hours of render.

  • I've found my render settings to be perfect for the majority of scenes, especially those without DOF. Even with DOF, it turns out grainy in the most blurry areas.

    Would you be able to teach me how to do what you're doing please, Ghost?

    Yes, Annie's hair in that set is the Caprice hair, chosen mainly for its ability to move well, but also because it's realistic for Annie, who started out life with the Desir hair, which this is a shorter, curled version of, in many ways.

    After last night's rant, I have checked back and nothing has changed with the .exe files, everything runs at below normal, so nothing has reversed itself or pulled a fast one on me.

  • @Glen85 set your render to include a z-depth map (aux render data) and export the render as a TIFF. Poser will save 2 images for you. One will be your render the other will be the zdepth map.

  • Ok, cool, thanks! So what do I do with it in PS then, please?

  • @Glen85 the zdepth render will look like this. the darker the parts of the image are farther from the camera. I believe that zdepth just measures the distance between the closest and furthest objects in your scene. If you want a shallow DOF where objects are close to the camera then you might have to remove far distant objects and render a second image to get your z-depth map.
    0_1515608711903_Z-Depth Test 1 Z.jpg

  • @Glen85 In Photoshop duplicate your image into a new layer. Create a layer mask for this new layer and paste your zdepth map into the mask.
    0_1515608973298_Layer mask.jpg

  • @Glen85 go to your filters>blur>lens blur and set your depth map source to layer mask and then set the controls to blur the image in a way you want it to look.

  • @Glen85 It's not perfect. You'll have to do some touch-up blurring by hand with the blur brush but will take you a few min instead of 40 hours for a render with grainy DOF blur.

  • Fantastic, thank you! Yes, masks are something I've only ever had ever so slight experience with while adjusting materials for games... they confused the hell out of me so I ran away from them, lol! I'll do this on my next piece.

    This is my latest piece, which took six hours from concept to publishing, and this has motion blur and excessive IDL.

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  • Oh, it also has all of Annie's strand-based body hair too, so there's that. :P

  • Hi again,

    So I've tried it out and it looks good in the blur preview, but the layer itself comes out transparent, so it's blurring a semi-transparent layer. If it wasn't so see-through, I think it would look good. Any ideas as to why that's happening, please? Perhaps I could send you the psd? :)

  • @Glen85 I forgot to tell you this part, sorry.

    After running your blur filter you want to disable the layer mask. right click on the layer mask and select disable from the popup menu. After that you can flatten the image (layer menu) so you can save as a jpg, otherwise save as a PSD to keep all the layers.

  • @Glen85 Layer masks make parts of the image see through to the layers underneath. The darker the area on the layer mask the more see-through it will be. That is why it doesnt look affected once you are done with the blur.

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    As an alternative, you could paste the zdepth mask into a new Channel; personally I find it easier to work with masks in PS that way.

  • Hmmm, ok, I'm now doing something wrong. Can you show me a tutorial on how to take the greyscale zdepth image and turn it into a mask, please? I'm totally confused. All I can find is cutting out a portion of an image and making that a layer mask, but that's not right, is it? I thought I had it last night, but it's all gone from my memory.

  • I have these, so far:

    ***=NSFW content***

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  • @Glen85 1) you can't work on the base so the first thing you need to do is duplicate the base layer. To duplicate the base layer drag the tiny icon image of that layer to the icon that looks like a page with it's bottom corner turned up, or go to the layer menu and use the "duplicate layer" command.

    1. drag your new layer icon to the icon that looks like a rectangle with a circle in the middle. This will crate your mask for the layer.

    2. open your zdepth map in another photoshop doc. select all and copy the map

    3. back in your image file ALT-CLICK on your layer mask and PASTE the zdepth map that you just copied from the other file. You are pasting it into the layer mask, not the layer itself.

    4. The image in your window will switch to show you the layer mask, you don't want this part selected so click back on the layer icon to re-select the image.

    5. now you can run your filters on the image the way I explained in my previous posts.

  • Firstly, apologies for not responding sooner... I didn't get notified of this reply and thought you were away. I've also just finished battling nasty influenza, so I'm a bit tender.

    Well then, here's the result! Thank you very much for all your help, I can definitely work with this, and it's certainly faster than using rendered blur, as you said! The other thing is that I can choose where I want the focal point and see it pretty much in real-time! Fantastic! I'll do some more post work on the render to make it look nicer, as I generally do, and post the final result.

    Now, I just have to decide how to go about publishing the Quarry set. :)

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  • The final piece. Thank you for all your help!

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