Project Evolution : Alternate way to convert clothing.

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    Hello everybody, here an alternate way to convert existing "or newly build" clothing to Project Evolution.

    First a remark. The fitting room likes properly vertex grouped and welded clothing.
    So the first check one should always do is? Is the clothing I am going to use properly welded and vertex grouped?
    You can get away with the autogroup function but "can" expect weld cracks between unwelded vertex groups.

    Ready? OK, here we go, I am going to convert a dress of one of my own figures to PE.

    a) Load the mannequin you want to use. => I used the dress mannequin to fit a dress.

    b) Goto File => Import wavefront obj file and Import the dress you want fitted. (Yes,, you can drag the dress into the scene, but I prefer to work with "pure" obj files.)

    c) Position the dress using the Y, Z and rotation tools if required to get the best initial "fit" possible to the mannequin.

    c) Open the morph brush tool and create a new morph.

    d) Use the morph brush tools to "fit" the clothing around the mannequin.
    => You have more manual and visual control about what you are doing here with the morph brush tool.

    I used the pull, inflate, and smooth brush on one side then mirrored over to the other. (You only have to take care of one side, then use the mirror)

    e) Then do a "Tighten Fit" and smooth of the clothing to the mannequin with the brushes, and mirror.
    (Use the mannequin as the "Goal").

    f) When satisfied with the "fit", 90% of the work is done, and you can delete the mannequin.

    g) Load PE => The dress should fit perfectly, and go to the fitting room. (Don't forget to check the sides and the back.)

    h) Set the dress Object and UNCHECK Zero Pose, and set PE as Goal and ZERO POSE.

    i) Do NOT do ANY fitting any more, we did that with the morph brushes here above, and go directly to "create figure" to transfer the bones.
    => Select the bones to transfer and the morphs to copy.

    If you had an ungrouped clothing, or a clothing that was vertex grouped differently from PE, select "autogroup' (I can hardly believe I just wrote that). => See my Video1 to 4 on YouTube !

    And select ZERO figure.

    Back in the pose room, conform the dress to the figure and delete the prop dress.

    Happy Posering, using PE and the Poser tools.
    Best regards, Tony

  • @vilters Hi Tony, this looks very good, but I have a question for you. I notice on the original loaded dress object before any fitting or morphing that it has nicely turned hems and cuffs representing additional cloth layers and thickness. Do you have any suggestions on how to preserve that cloth profile on the final fitted figure?

    After the Tighten Fit, all that detail is gone. If those hems were part of an additional material group, would it make sense to use an increased Pokethrough Margin restricted to Hem groups to allow them to stand further off the mannequin surface, as though thicker? It seems to me that any turned edges will still get flattened out by the tightening, in any case. It almost feels as though we need a soft or even rigid decoration preservation mechanism for the morphing tool, as is present in the Cloth Room.

    Apologies for the permanent "Jewellers' Loupe replacing left eye" attention to detail I may exhibit, but such is my nature. 9-/

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    Hi : This was a first "procedure and show test", so I overdid some parts to better show the workflow in the screengrabs, but by doing so, some detail got lost.

    As with all morph brush actions, (as with the fitting room options), you have to go slowly and pay attention to mesh details like belts, cuffs, collars, buttons, pockets and so on to preserve that detail. (more so if you are working with an unwelded mesh to prevent weld cracks.)

    Also :

    • My figure and clothing are a lot different then PE, so the changes to get it to fit had to be large. => It was more a workflow test then anything else.
    • Transferring clothing from one figure to another always works best if the "detail" is in the bump, displacement or normal map.
    • Yes, a "preserve detail option" would be a welcome addition to the morph brush.

    Depending on what type of clothing to transfer, you now have the liberty to choose your transfer workflow.

    Best regards, Tony

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    @vilters Thank you Tony .Looks pretty easy .