• I am a complete beginner and I keep down loading stuff that doesn't seem to work with anything.
    Is their someone out there who can tell what figures and props work with what.
    I have little idea what V4, G4 or Elite morph mean.


  • Greetings,

    V4 is short for Victoria 4. The various Victorias form the primary line of female figures of DAZ. Victoria 4 is several years old, but remains one of the more popular Poser figures because later DAZ figures only work in Poser through work-arounds often perceived as cumbersome. You can still purchase Victoria 4 here:

    G4 is short for The Girl 4, which is a variation on Victoria 4. It's perhaps more of a cartoon-esque figure than a realistic human. You can purchase it here:

    Elite Morphs are another variation on Victoria 4, which, as the name suggests, is a set of morphs that allow you to change the base figure's shape in various ways. Using these morphs you can, for example, give Victoria a more athletic or more slim figure, depending on how much of each morph you apply. You can purchase these morphs here:

  • Thank thats a bit more helpful. I am a 70 year old loving this program but a little slow at the moment.