Uh? Bullet Physics for Hair Weight Map Rigging?

  • This statement is at http://my.smithmicro.com/poser-3d-animation-software.html:

    "Bullet Physics for Soft Body Dynamics, Rigid Body and Hair Weight Map Rigging"

    I understand bullet physics for soft body dynamics; bullet physics for rigid body; ...

    ... but what is bullet physics for hair weight map rigging?

  • @fbs7

    Well, not so much weight map rigging, but the ability to choose which solver to use. If you go to the Dynamics Controls section in the Hair Room, you can choose between Poser Legacy and Bullet Physics for the dynamic hair calculations

    0_1515804446630_bullet hair.png

  • That makes sense; maybe the author wanted to say

    "Bullet Physics for Soft Body Dynamics (with Weight Maps), Rigid Body and Hair"

    Afaik the only thing that can have weight maps in bullet physics is soft body, both for effect and constraints.

    For a moment I was excited as I thought I had missed something about hair simulation; it would be wonderful if say hair density had a weight map associated to it - one of the oddities of large areas of hair is that all of them have the same density.