Custom brush tips all look like circles?

  • I've made a large number of custom brush tips to add in repetitive background details for a comic that I'm writing.

    The brushes paint OK, but whatever I do the cursor always looks like a circle. Which makes it difficult for me to tell where I'm actually supposed to be painting (a lot of my brushes are asymmetrical)

    Is there any way to make the cursor look like the brush tip that you are using, in the same way as it does in Photoshop?

    For example, if the brush tip is square can I make the cursor square, rather than the default circle?

  • That feature isn't available in CSP. You can see an example of your brush stroke in the property palette but that's about it.

  • No mods or hack?

  • None I'm aware of.

  • I don't think there is any way around it either.... although frankly I am now used to it and it is rare that I need that cursor shape. I do however use a different cursor for brushes and pens in that the circle is inaccurate ( e.g. not adapting to pen pressure) and so a bit off-putting. I prefer to use either the tool shaped cursor or the triangle pointer cursor.