Poser Pro 11.1 Polygon Reduction Woes

  • Okay, so I am having an issue with the Polygon Reduction feature in Poser Pro 11.1

    For the most part this feature works really well.

    The one area it falls down and it's a show-stopper for me is when a model has an open mouth.
    For example V4.2 results in weird spikes in the mouth as per: https://ibb.co/d6PSz6

    I narrowed it down to the lips part of the model as no spikes if the lips polygons are removed.
    If only we had a simple "move point" tool in Poser itself.

    By the way I tried other figures/models (Pauline2 etc) with similar results, hence I think it is the polygon reduction that is limited.

    At the moment I am focused upon V4.2 due to extensive library of purchases so would like to find a workaround or fix for this.

    Has anybody got any ideas?

  • There are rigging errors in V4's mouth that have been there forever. It's the original model, not the reduction feature in Poser.

  • Actually, it's not the model, it does this with all the models. (or most I don't own every model out there) I tried with all the models that come with poser and it did it with them. It has been doing this since the feature came out. I don't remember if it was a 2014 feature or came with the game dev. but it did it then. It was reported but like so many of the bugs, it apparently wasn't given much priority.

  • Just after posting I decided to try again. And with reducing polygons in smaller increments and then fixing the points using the smooth morphing tool at each reduction I think I can get there eventually without leaving Poser. Wish Poser had better point/polygon tools though (just a simple select and translate numerically in world x/y/z would be a big improvement).

    Out of interest does anyone know any other applications that can import poser files (with morphs etc) and also export them back (without converting to .obj etc).

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