So about exporting the OBJ

  • I am creating my own content for use with Poser. I rigged an original figure I had modelled, then decided I needed to export the OBJ for that figure . I exported what I thought was an OBJ to a folder outside of my runtime (as I've been doing for years now). The saved OBJ and associate MTL is 0 bytes in size. Repeated this a few times, still got that zero file size. I do not have file compression and external PMD switched on. But anyway, I decided to inspect the runtime folder where I had the CR2 saved, and lo and behold, the OBJ got saved there. Weird.

  • @ibr_remote The only time I see the zero bytes obj and mtl files is when the object I'm exporting is hidden in poser.

  • When you save a figure in Poser as a cr2, it will save a copy of the obj file with it in the same folder.

  • @rokketman
    I didn't know that until today; perhaps I recalled wrongly about exporting the OBJ from my scene's figure to an extrenal folder location....