Create 3d Scenes for Sketching

  • Guys.
    What i am looking to find is an application, a way in CSP or anything that can helps me to create a 3d Scene to draw my scene. For example i want to draw 3 guys in library and we will see them from above view. I would like to set it the environment and the persons and i will "turn" the angle of view as i want. At the moment i found ShotPro app but maybe it's expensive.

    Thank you

  • Google Sketchup has a free version. Poser is on sale at the moment.

  • @garlam Does CSP has a feature?

  • If its possible the app has preinstalled objects, enviroment etc. I dont want to create objects from zero

  • There's a lot of 3D objects in the asset. (Clip Studio) Did you try that. If you do not find the furniture you want you could always go with boxes.


  • What do you mean boxes?

  • I would like to ask anybody a favour. If somebody knows and is available ( have enough time ) to help me with 3d environment and scenes, i would like it to do it live ( share my screen ) and helps how to do it.
    Just send me a private message.
    Thank you.

  • I might be able to help you, if you like. I would like to know what you are looking for.
    Would something like this be of interest to you?0_1518636717019_3D Setup.jpg

  • Thank you for your reply and your willingness to help me
    First of all' do Youtube use CSP ?
    Second i want to create 3d scene in CSP or similar program to have a base to start to draw my scene
    But what do you have in your mind?

  • If I understand you right, yes I use CSP (see example).
    Yes you can set up a 3D scene in CSP, but there are programs (not similar to CSP) that are better suited to do that. If your interest is in drawing, perhaps you’re better off letting someone like me set up the scene for you and render out an image that you can use for drawing rather than spending a lot of your time learning another program.0_1518709521755_Venture Girls005.jpg

  • what programs are they?

  • Smith Micro’s Poser or DAZ Studio

  • @greycat hmm can you give me an example what do you mean? Will you give me a structure which i use it to draw my scene?

  • It’s hard to do without an idea of what you had in mind for your scene. If by structure you mean can I give you a model that would be out the question. The best I can do is to give you a render of a model for you to use as reference.

    Here’s an example. A base character you could use as a reference and what the finished character looked like. I wish that I could take the base character and paint or draw hair and clothes, but I never had the skill and no longer have the ability. It probably would look much better.
    0_1518821016238_anjel test.jpg