More of my Newbie Nonsense: Just need some Cleopatra hair

  • Manipulating "hair" is not as intuitive as I hoped. Worked with smaller and smaller hair groups to try and get the thickness and "Lay" I want for the straight across the forehead and along the bottom edges you would see in a Cleopatra haircut. Poser assumes I want a layered, kinked, bunched and flipped hair style automatically. Or so it seems.

    If Smith Micro REALLY wants to make the modelling easy, they would introduce "virtual" style tools like scissors (With a Lasso and arc builder to cut off the ends of hair...just like a stylist would use) and a comb to gather and pull the desired layers of hair. The method of moving, shortening and playing the dynamics of every small group of hairs is tedious. And what's with the errant hairs that pop up and out? Can't click on them individually...they're just "There".

    Also, with "Collision" Clicked in hair and on head, the hairs still dives below the skin surface when I run the Dynamics. Frustration builds....

    So, now to my question...I can't, for the life of me, find an existing prop of Cleopatra hair (Cruised through the aftermarket sites as well). No jewels or beads, just hair. Not having a lot of luck with the tool (I know, practice practice practice), so I was going to try and find some existing prop. Like this picture. Anybody have an idea?


  • If you have at poserworld membership, Nefertiti hair is similar. It does have beads but they can be made transparent. Unfortunately, they don't have it on their new site. And it is for Posette.

    You can't get a straight cut in the hair room. I actually took and zoomed in as much as possible to the hair and lengthened each strand individually so they were as close to the same length as possible and the edge still looked ragged.

  • @redphantom Thanks for the heads up. Found a link to the product you described, but not sure how they allow access to it anymore. It might be on one of their all inclusive disc sets. Those wouldn't be that bad a thing to have anyway.

  • You can purchase a membership here for $50 for 3 months. Kind of high priced for just one thing, but if there are other things you want, it might become worth it because you get unlimited downloads for the 3 months.

  • @redphantom Thanks. Using the name "nefertiti" and "egyptian" I found a model with a bunch of Egyptian props. Some of those were a few hairstyles. I did join Renderosity. I may join the other as well, but I would be a downloading fool for 3 months. I Am also plowing through as many tutorials as I can on Poser to figure out all of the nuances.