3d coat materials to poser ?

  • Playing with evaluation version of 3D Coat
    Looking for someone experimented in exporting materials from 3DCoat into painter. How do you do it ?
    For now best results with exporting for 3DS MAX, but i feel it could be much better...

    thank you.

  • Hello Isauvage.
    I use 3D Coat. (The full version) perhaps it is different, but once you have baked your materials onto your mesh in 3DC, it gives you the option to save your mats in any common format you want, eg TGS, JPG, PNG etc. I export onto Corel Photopaint and tweek the mats in there if it is needed.
    Hope it helps :)

  • Thanks you for you answer. I've seen I can export lot of image maps for normals, diffuse and so on, but i was looking for a setup of nodes in materials rooms, and may be a way to convert pbr shaders to superfly nodes it it exists.
    I didn't spent a lot of time on it as sculpting et retopology needs so time to learn. But as I bought the full licence, i enjoy very much 3DCoat, i will have to go to the end.

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