FREE! - Colors 4 Dynamic Hair - POSER 11

  • Great! I hope that you enjoy using these mats. I think that they work great in Poser 11 and the Bright light of Poser 11 (included in Poser 11) is a must for these Mats :)

  • @3Dream Thank you from me as well. I saw your post on the Renderosity forum, but since I only have one fiber hair set, which I don't use all that often, I wondered if these would be useful to me.

  • Miss B, I hope these mats work great in your fiber hair set. Enjoy!

  • What I've been looking for!

  • Great Rokketman! I hope you enjoy these colors. I think they work very well in Poser 11 (Superfly renders).

  • Hey Jose, I used your materials here on the hooded vest hair.

    The hair is part of Cliff Bowman's soon to be released "True Hair" which makes dynamic hair very simple to use.

    This is Ash Blonde1 on dynamic hair over Atenias' Wild skin on the Hooded Vest rendered in Superfly, of course.

  • Hi Glitterati3D

    Excellent render! Thank you so much for using the colors I made for Dynamic Hair.

    I am glad to see Dynamic Hair being used in Poser.

  • @3Dream I use a lot of your stuff. Your face morphs for Alyson and Alyson 2 are priceless because she is so ugly out of the box. Keep up the good work!

  • Great Rokketman! At that time, It was really great to create the head morphs to Alyson.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    Excellent! My kid is just working on some materials for TrueHair (either to include with or as freebies) - now maybe he won't have to (he'd prefer to lay games) or can learn from these if he gets stuck (we're not aiming to run to this many colours, just going for black, white, brown, "red" and blonde).

    Great to see others appreciating Poser Dynamic Hair - an under-appreciated area.



    PS thanks to Glitterati for pointing me at this thread.