Poser Pro 11 original figures

  • My original AI Boy Bot Band for Poser
    Here we go ah ha ah ha here we go -
    Well, I can't animated them (TOO LAZY), so just enjoy a static render.
    Left to Right: Li, Klaus, Ngozi, Conti, and Piet.

    Klaus is an Anime Shoujo Manga Classic figure generated by Manuel Bastioni Labs in Blender 3D and imported and re-rigged by me inside Poser Pro 11.

    Conti is an Anime Shoujo Manga Contemporary Figure, also generated using Manuel Bastioni Labs and also re-rigged by me inside Poser Pro 11.

    Li, Ngozi and Piet are all generated from Design Doll, prepared inside Shade 3D for rigging in Poser Pro 11.

    I modelled all their clothes using Shade3D. Some of their clothes were rigged inside Poser using Fitting Room, while others are Dynamic Cloths.

    I did not use their fancy Visual Kei hair, so as to reduce the computational power on my poor old PC.

    But rest assured, when they are entertaining the personnel on Space Station LuZhou, they do wear their fancy Visual Kei Boy Bot Hairstyles. (My storyline is that these AI Boy Bots are part of the tens of thousands of AI Bots working on space station LuZhou in interstellar Space).

    Full version picture is here at my DeviantArt Gallery:


  • I used Geometric Toon Line and Comic Book Colour render mode with anti-aliasing.

  • whoops - update: "I won't animate them" -