CLS on Samsung Notebook Pro 9

  • Thought I would share my experiences recently with CSP on the Samsung Notebook Pro 9 (15.6 inch).
    I bought it because it had the Wacom EMR technology and Yes... the pressure sensitivity and tilt ( angle and pen direction) all work brilliantly with CSP ... my pens and brushes do all the things they do on my main Cintiq station. I also bought the pseudo Staedtler pencil which works really well and is more comfortable to use that the tiny pen that lives in the laptop.
    Just clicking the preference "interface> configure basic layout for tablets" packed away the palettes for very efficient use of the limited screen display.... My only gripe is that I like to use the tablet in portrait mode and the automatic display& hide of pallets display them top to bottom of the whole screen ( taking way too much space)... I can't find a way yet to make them appear smaller.
    As I prefer to use it as a tablet , it means the keyboard disappears around the back and is disabled... so I really miss the modifier keys and shortcuts. I tried out the Tablet Pro App which sort of works but I don't like it ... e.g. if a press a "Space" button on screen and the apply the pen the automatic touch cutout switches off the "space" so it does not work.... and its taking screen space. I considered the Wacom and the Hujion remotes but they are very expensive , have only about 14 keys and require a transmitter into one of the two USB ports. Instead I bought a small Maplin bluetooth keyboard and that works perfectly ( and gives me 60 modifier and shortcut keys)....its working very well (and cost me just £7)

    The only other negative is that I find the screen too slippy.... not for the pen but for the base of my hand slipping around so I have less anchorage than on my Cintiq. I tried to solve this with a so called Matt screen protector... but a) it was still slippy for my hand and b) the pen point dragged horribly on its surface, so I took that off again. In the end I have solved this with a simple cheap solution.... I bought some thin non slip matting ( £1 from a local store) and cut a little strip that I tuck into a tablet drawing glove ... front and back so that it hangs under the base of my hand... Now it all feels almost exactly the same as the Cintiq.