background image quality

  • First again I want to say thanks for al the answers on my question on background and envirosphere.
    Next question when I attach image to envirosphere to use as background, it is not very clear.
    Could someone tell me if this is because of the picture size and if there is a remedy for this!

  • @wallace11 Yeah, it's the size/resolution of the image. If you need to see the background clearly then you need a massive image. Really though you probably don't want the background in sharp focus because that detracts from your figure. Use DOF blur in the render settings OR you could do what I do sometimes and blow the image up in Photoshop and run it through the blur filter. That takes care of the jaggies when rendering and gives you some DOF blur without having to set DOF.

  • Thats what I thought. And like you said you dont want it totally in focus because it detracts. I am thinking this would be great for like an underwater pic or space scene. Where the 360 is more the same and expansive. What about using an hdri panoramic if there is such a thing.

  • @wallace11 Yes. You can use regular old JPGs or real HDRI's here is a link to some great free HDRI's